Sotto proposed the banning of children riding at the backseat of motorcycle
By Jason de Asis

SENATE OFFICE, Manila, November 29, 2010-Majority Leader Vicente C. Sotto III yesterday proposed the banning in the streets of children riding at the backseat of a motorcycle under Senate Bill No. 2609.

Sotto raised his concerned in the potential risk of children who are being exposed to threat particular in the continuing growing number of motorcycle users, being the most affordable mode of transportation nowadays in the metropolis and in rural areas.

Sotto cited the constitutional mandate to assume and act as a natural parent or guardian in order to safeguard the welfare of any child or individual or an incapacitated and dependent minor who is in need of protection against danger, risk of lives and limbs that is the power of the State to invoke its power of parens patriae.

“Children who ride at the back of motorcycle are considered reckless endangerment,” he said, adding that reckless endangerment is the act of doing something with the full knowledge that is potentially endangering the life or safety of someone.

The senator pointed out that the children are extremely vulnerable and at risk when riding at the backseat of motorcycle because of their tender age, their reflexes are different from adults and they may not be able to react rightly to some situation.
He added that their reactions may result in a situation that could cause them to fall and suffer injury or even death.

Sotto concluded that there is necessary to enact a law that would prohibit any person from allowing children 12 years old and below to ride at the back of motorcycle if the motorcycle driver is traveling in public and private roads emphasizing that emergency situations are exemptions, especially if the use of motorcycle is the only available option.

Remote places or provinces where there’s no considerable vehicular traffic and such is the only means of transportation is not applicable in the proposed law, adding that the penalty of a fine of P5,000 for the first-time offenders, P10,000 for second offense and P20,000 for third and succeeding offense.

If adopted into law the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be the implementing agency on the bill known as Prohibition on Children Riding Motorcycle Act of 2010. (Jason de Asis)