Sen. Legarda calls RPs security forces to be vigilant in a report of possible terrorist attack

By Jason de Asis


SENATE OFFICE, Manila, November 5, 2010-Senator Loren Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations calls the Philippines (RPs) security forces to be vigilant in a report of possible terrorist attack despite the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) downplayed the threat.


Despite the AFP report that there is no terror threat in the country, Legarda said we cannot put our guard down especially after foreign governments issued travel advisories warning their citizens of imminent terrorist attacks in the country.


The Senator reacted from other countries reports that RP is a possible target of terrorist attack where the Australian and British governments advised their citizens of the threat in the country and followed by similar travel advisories from Canada, United States and New Zealand, adding that the country cannot just downplay such reports because it affects not only the citizens but also the foreign nationals who visit or live in the Philippines.


The government security forces must be aware and be alert in the reports of terror plot in the US last week and also in the country where she urged the private companies to intensify the security of their business establishment.


Legarda concluded that the public should also be extra careful and immediately report suspicious activities. We all need to be ultra cautious and extremely vigilant to help thwart any plan that would wreak havoc in our country. (Jason de Asis)