Sen.Legarda sought for the passage of establishing Magna Carta for Barangays

By Jason de Asis


SENATE OFFICE, Manila, October 28, 2010-Senator Loren Legarda sought for the passage of a proposed measure establishing the Magna Carta for Barangays as barangay leaders start a new term of office.


She stressed that the national government should promote the welfare and prosperity of the barangay as it is the basic political unit where the collective views of the people in the community may be crystallized and considered.


“To establish a Magna Carta for Barangays is in need that’s why we want the national government to give more attention to the development of it as it is the base of the nations’ economy,” she said.


Under her Senate Bill 1336, barangay officials will be considered as regular government employees entitled to the salaries and benefits of such, adding that the barangay will also be provided with its basic necessities, such as regular supply of clean and potable water, public transportation, schools, health centers and Barangay halls.


The senator furthered that its share from national taxes and other fees and charges shall be released automatically, and funds for the maintenance of roads, bridges and other similar constructions shall be transferred to the barangay.


“The hard works of the barangay leaders deserve to enjoy the salary and benefits of a regular government employee because they are the ones who directly deal with the daily concerns of the people,” she explained.


She said that the barangay should enjoy local autonomy especially since it serves as the primary planning and implementing unit of the government programs, project and activities, adding that the barangay shall have the capacity to resolve any crisis in the community.


“In this connection, self-help or people power shall be the guiding principle in all barangay development projects,” she concluded. (Jason de Asis)