Support "Sing-Out! 2011"!!!

Tugunan at isulong nawa ito ng mga Pilipino saanman sa daiggi bilang handog sa kamalayan ng Sangkatauhan:

From: Ed Aurelio 'DING' Reyes <>
Subject: SingOut2011 blogs -- please open, read, respond

are two of my postings for friends on Facebook. Please open them, read 
them, and give me at least a preliminary response. You may decide to 
immediately send them on to your friends in other countries. They are 
welcome to join the Facebook friends of the SingOut2011 project itself 
(the bottom of the blog i sent out early today gives instructions
on how to do that).

Here they are:

First (sent out a few days ago)
want you and all of us to sing "Amen!" to the human race-wide wish
and prayer for Love, Peace, Joy among us all, as part and sure sign of our
further consciousness evolution to being fully hiuman. We can all easily study
this song via http://sing-out2011.blogspot.c om/2011/02/lets-all-sing-out-a men-in-twenty-eleven.html: 

Second (sent out this morning):
two more months are left of its advanced publicity and preparatory phases, Sing
Out!-2011 will be started by various groups with Sing Out-2011 sessions in many
homes, parks, workplaces and schools, this coming May 1st. Let’s all volt in!
Sing Out!-2011 will have a Double-Broadcast System, as explained in: double-broadcast-system-of.htm l

Love, Peace, Joy to all!
--ding reyes
   initiator, SingOut2011 global initiative from the Philippines
   for contributing to hastening of human consciousness evolution 

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