To The One Who Conquers
by Bishop Dr. Norberto L. Mercado


Creation is not a theory. It is the truth.

And it can be easily defended. (Watch the videos of Gobekli Tepe @ THE GARDEN OF EDEN CHANNEL

I also recommend that you watch the following channels of the DR. NORBERTO L. MERCADO GLOBAL iTV :

1. The Universe Channel -

2. Apologetics Channel -

On the other hand, the theory of evolution is just a theory.

It's difficult to defend it.

I gave up "evolution"when I received Jesus 
Christ as my Saviour and Lord on November 24,1972.

Since I became a Christian ( I was a Marxist-Communist before I received Christ as my Saviour and Lord), I have been an ardent advocate of CREATION.

Sometime in August 1977, a Christian professor in UP Iloilo invited me to speak to her class about science and faith. It was a science class.

As an intro, I asked her students:"Who  among you believe in the theory of evolution?"

All of them raised their hands, except the Christian professor. 

That's why she insisted to her class that evolution is a mere theory, and nothing more.

Then I asked her students a second question:"Who among you believe that your great grandparents were monkees and gorillas?"

They looked at one another and smiled.

One guy raised his hand.

And all the members of that class laughed at him.

Imagine, his great grandparents were monkees and gorillas?!!! He must have been the butt of jokes afterwards.

Are your grandparents monkees and gorillas?

And you accept that theory of Darwin as truth?

The theory of evolution is a joke.

When Darwin died, he was screaming in his deathbed.

On the other hand, David Livingstone, Christ's evangelist to Africa, literally died on his knees in peace,  worshipping God.

When you reach the end of your life, will you at peace with yourself?

Bishop Bert '73
Little India,Singapore

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