1. Get to the beaches, after staying for a day or two in Saigon City(now Ho Chi Minh). Saigon City is big, just like Metro Manila, and polluted;
2. Mui Ne Resort in Phan Tiet City is one place to visit. It's their "Boracay" - a lot of resorts/guest houses/villas. The Vietnam government is promoting it to tourists, mostly from Europe and Russia. Many Russians and Europeans are visiting this place. MISS EARTH (FIRST PHASE) was held here a few days ago.
3. To go around, you may rent a bicycle. A two-hour rental is only for half a US dollar. The sunset here is nice. Food is not so expensive, unlike in Boracay. Rooms for rent depends on the place .  From US$15 to US$ 100 per night. A room for US$15 a night is decent and presentable enough.
4. Don't talk about Vietnam politics.

Dear Sir :
I am Dr. Norberto L. Mercado, President of the International Communicators Open University Foundation Incorporated and Founder-President of the DR. NORBERTO L. MERCADO GLOBAL iTV with 20 channels.
I am in Saigon, Vietnam (now Ho Chi Minh), on my my way to Bangkok, Thailand by land, to attend your conference.
Right now, I'm in a seaside resort in Mui Ne, South Vietnam, resting and enjoying the beach.
I hope to meet new friends there.
By God's grace, I will arrive in Bangkok on the 21st of November.
God bless you .
Very Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Norberto L. Mercado, BAJ,BAC,MNSA,DD,DSM,PhD