I was in a city bus which plied the avenues of Bangkok,Thailand just  an hour ago - at sunset time.

I came from Chulalongkorn University, the number one university in Thailand where I'm attending a seminar on Oriental studies,  on my way home.

The bus I took was an old one - without air-con. But the old buses here are unlike the cramped buses which have been plying Metro Manila for years.

There are more non-air con buses plying this city than the ones with air-con.

The buses here have fewer seats - one half of the seats of the buses in Metro Manila. There is more space inside the bus , and therefore, cooler even without air-con. 

Not so in Metro Manila. Try to take a non-air con bus from Taft to Quiapo at 5:00 PM, then meet the traffic somewhere, and you'll hear passengers either cursing the traffic policeman or the driver.

But here in Bangkok a while ago, I had aesthetic moments watching the sunset even when our bus was stuck in traffic. 

It was not so hot inside the bus, and passengers were silently sitted. They were not cursing the traffic policeman nor the driver - nothing of that sort can be heard from them.

And gun-slinging drivers are unheard of, because civilians are  not allowed
to carry guns. Only policemen and soldiers are allowed to bear guns.

In the Philippines, gunslingers carry their "valor" on the street only because they carry guns. I wonder whether these gunslingers have the same "valor" when they go to Basilan or Sultan Kudarat?

Me? I go to Basilan and Sultan Kudarat alone and unarmed.

And I have the time to enjoy their mangosteen and other local fruits.  I enjoy the sunset there, as much as I enjoy the Bangkok sunset.

Peace. When you know that the God who rules the universe is faithful to
His promise that He will "never leave you nor forsake you", anywhere you are on earth, then you need not worry about anything.

I don't worry about Bangkok's traffic, or highwaymen,  as the ball of fire  sinks into the sea.  I know that my Heavenly Father takes care of me, and He will deliver me from  danger anywhere I go.