To The One Who Conquers

by Bishop Dr. Norberto L. Mercado

Let's Help President Benigno Aquino III Stamp-Out Corruption : A Time for TPHA To Shine In Our Nation

 (An Open Letter to TPHA President Joshue Villa and the TPHA Board Members)

To TPHA President Joshue Villa and the TPHA Board Members:

  This early, talks circulate about the  padded DPWH-MMDA flood-control project for the Tierra Pura Homeowners Association (TPHA) in Barangay Culiat, Quezon City. 

  For instance, a private contractor estimated the culvert project for the Lopez Jaena East at less than P1-million.

  But the DPWH-MMDA operators estimate the same project at more than P4-million, or more than P3-million overpricing!!! For one project alone!!!

  This is clear naked corruption! 

  Lest people get the false impression that TPHA officers allow themselves to be used for corruption in a government project, let us refuse the MMDA-DPWH culvert project for TPHA. 

  Let us refuse, oppose and expose any padded or overpriced government project in our subdivision. 

  This is  our sacred duty as citizens of this country, and help President Noynoy Aquino in his goal of stamping corruption.

  If we do this, the TPHA will shine as an example to the Filipino people. And our children will be proud of us.

  Imagine the impact to our nation when our people hear that a private subdivision such as the TPHA refuses funding from the government for a flood-control project which is overpriced?

  The administration of President Noynoy Aquino, which is still suffering from a budget deficit incurred by the previous administration, will save hundreds of millions of pesos for important projects for the poor and underprivileged.

 The TPHA act will set an example to hundreds of  private subdivisions that also want government funding for private projects to reject government subsidy, which  increases government expenses . This is one sure way to government deficit-spending and bankruptcy.

 Once other private in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines   learn that the TPHA refused government funding for a padded or overpriced project, they may also emulate the good example of TPHA officials.

 But if we do otherwise ,  because it will benefit some TPHA homeowners, then the queue by private subdivisions all over the country for government fundings of private projects will increase. 

 And overpriced projects, corruption and abuse  will also increase. 

  For our part, we Tierra Purans , who live along the Diliman Creek,  
commit ourselves to help solve or contain the flood problem in Tierra Pura without relying on government funds which will be provided by Congressman Winnie Castelo.

 We who are most affected by the flood at Tierra Pura during rainy seasons appeal to Congressman Castelo  to cancel the controversial government-funded TPHA culvert project. 

  Sir, you are still young and may go a long way if you do what is right.

  We are willing to raise the fund from relatives, friends, and ourselves. 

  We from Tierra Pura should  show to the Filipino people that we  need not rely on government funds to implement private projects in a private subdivision. With God's help, we can do it ourselves.

 It's time for TPHA to shine in our nation by setting an example. 

 We can contain the flood problem in Tierra Pura without relying on government subsidy. 

 This is one simple  way we can help our beloved President Noynoy Aquino fight corruption and abuse by a few government operators who are always seeking for a cut  in every project they undertake.

  "Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them." (Ephesians 5:11)

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